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struggling musicians

Very few people know you’re on Spotify.

90% of streaming royalties go to <1% of artists.

And it’s going to get worse. There are now over 80M songs and growing on major music streaming platforms, creating even less opportunity to be known, followed, and heard.

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Meet enables musicians to be more successful in streaming and the broader Creator Economy by accelerating how artists collaborate and create content, helping them harness the power of social media better to reach new audiences and drive awareness with consistency. how it works infographic

How it works.

Music creators connect and collaborate to produce new content together and easily distribute it across social and monetization channels.

Exponential combinations of collaborations and content can be developed and distributed faster via’s software and platform, giving creators greater potential to grow followers and turn them into paying fans in streaming and other emerging platforms for music monetization.

Musicians are excited about

It’s rare nowadays to be able to get together and just play because everyone’s so busy. But it’s in those moments that you can capture magic. will make more of that happen. And if you can put that out into socials, it’s a game changer.
Levi Lowrey, award-winning singer-songwriter